AMLOT's mission is to holistically strengthen future service members in order to forge a more dynamic community and United States Armed Forces.

Our philosophy is simple, yet intricate. Molding America's future leaders like an artist shapes a statue takes innumerable resources and multiple avenues. Check out the tabs below for some more details on our approach.

A strong mental foundation compliments all other qualities. In a world where physical ability is ever improving, there's an apparent void in mental capacity and grit. We strive to build a strong mind while simultaneously forging a strong body. This comes from tapping into dark and unexplored psychological pathways all have but only some are willing to discover. We discover these uncharted territories in a safe environment through: physical exhaustion, decision games (DG’s), guest speakers, team building exercises, confidence building, mentorship, and a culminating event.
AMLOT’s training philosophy and programming is adopted from retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine’s SEALFIT framework. Physical capacity to an American Military Leader is:

  • Durability: The ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage.
  • Endurance: The fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.
  • Stamina: The ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort.

We test and re-test our physical capacity through: SEALFIT’s daily training program, team competitions, service branch competitions, runs, rucks, and swims.

AMLOT realizes the importance of every service member, in every branch. Therefore, we don’t specialize in any branch of service or MOS. Instead, we recruit past and present service members from all branches of service. Our large pool of volunteering service members offer information from virtually every MOS in the United States Military. American Military Leaders are required to attend a once weekly class focusing on their branch of services mission towards the military as a whole. We then test and re-test the information provided through comprehensive examinations in order to ensure information is not just learned, but embedded.
  • AMLOT knows the importance of preparing our future generations for the obstacles of military service. Experiences may vary in the military, but AMLOT knows the importance of dealing with all circumstances that can arise deeper in the human psyche. AMLOT is determined to be proactive in the care of our future veterans by giving them the tools needed to be emotionally sounder individuals. We prepare both American Military Leaders and their families for the obstacles they may encounter on the route of military service. We do this by having past service members and their families share a part of themselves to American Military Leaders and their families in the hopes that we, together, can understand and cope through other’s experiences. This is AMLOT’s way of giving the family a glimpse of what their future service member will encounter in their quest to live extraordinarily.